Property Summary Format Nullable Example
TransactionID Identifier for the completed transaction "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" No 14d438af-8849-470c-97f4-bb6f66af463f
ResponseCode Status of transaction:
Success = 0
Communication Error = 1
Syntax Error = 2
Numeric (1 digit) No 1
DateTimeStamp Date/time of the response MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS No 1/2/2010 12:53:00 PM
Message Any message pertaining to the completed transaction Alpha Numeric (0-255 chars) Yes Card Declined.
ProfileNumber Identifier for profile to be updated Numeric (10 digits) Yes 1234567890
BillingCycle Message pertaining to when the scheduled payments will be Alpha Numeric (0-255 chars) Yes 1st and 15th of each month
NextBillingDate Date/time of the next billing date MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS Yes 1/2/2010 12:53:00 PM
ScheduleNumber Identifier for schedule to be updated Numeric (10 digits) No 0123456789