BackOffice API


BackOffice is a secure and seamless bridge between your IT infrastructure and the Paperless Transactions cloud. This service enables your organization to connect directly and securely for processing credit card and ACH transactions.

Who Should Read This Guide

This guide is intended for a developer audience. It provides basic information needed in order to write your own library or tool that directly interfaces with the BackOffice API.

Use of this guide assumes you are familiar with the following:

  • Basic understanding of web services (for an overview, visit W3 Schools Web Services Tutorial)
  • A programming language for consuming a web service and any related tools
  • XML (for an overview, visit W3 Schools XML Tutorial)

This guide provides support for .NET, ColdFusion and PHP developers.


Features of the BackOffice service include:

  • ACH processing and voiding
  • Credit Card authorization, processing, settlement and refunding
  • Setup, modification and termination of scheduled and recurring payments
  • Batch processing of ACH and credit card transactions

Please note that no foreign/international ACH transactions are allowed.

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