Transparent Redirect

Form Action

To use Transparent Redirect, you will need to build an HTML form that submits data to Paperless Transactions. To do this, set the form action to your personalized URL at Since sensitive data is being passed, all submissions must be post over https.

NOTE: The submission page does not require server side posting capabilities.

Click here to download sample code.

Input Fields

Before submitting your form, you must ensure that all required input fields are present.

All id's MUST be exact! Invalid id's will cause the entire post to fail.

If you intend to submit your post in 'Test Mode,' ensure that you include a hidden field with an id of "TestMode" and a value if "true".

Click here to view a full list of available and required fields.

Hash Required Fields

All fields designated as Hash Required must include a second input field containing the Hash Value. Hash fields must begin with "Hash." followed by the id of the field containing the clear text value. Since hashing can only be performed server side, fields that are marked 'hash required' must be populated prior loading the form to end users. These fields should be of type "hidden".

Click here to download the hashing method.